12 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham

12 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham

Our 12 seater minibus hires are frequently hired for bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, family reunions, and corporate events. And in actuality, it's not that much more expensive to hire a 12 seater minibus as compared to an 8-seater. Don't feel you have to pair your guest list down or leave anyone out because you don't have enough room on the bus.  

Many school groups and elderly social groups and elderly living centers hire our vehicle because it provides just enough room to take the entire group anywhere they pleased and not leave out anyone behind.  

First, all of our drivers know Birmingham and the great Birmingham area like the back of their hand. They know every road, shortcut, and travel time's so close you can set your watch to it. Our drivers always come in early to personally inspect your minibus to be sure it is both in mechanical shape and meticulously clean, and for every trip we make we have a back-up minibus standing by. 

You can count on our drivers arriving early to pick your group up, and from the moment you meet your driver he or she will have a welcoming smile on their face.

We have both moderately priced minibusses as well as luxury Mercedes type vans which are extremely popular for corporate groups, weddings, and bachelor and bachelorette parties.  

In addition, British teens have adopted the American tradition of gathering for proms and during prom season we do a brisk business in hiring ou our 12-seat luxury minibusses with drivers to the families of elderly teens. 

They know that our drivers will keep their teens safe to and from the prom and they won't have to lose a lot of sleep on prom night worrying about their teens. And naturally, the teens enjoy the camaraderie and the feelings of luxury when they arrive at the dance.

 And of course, if 8 football fans make a party 10 or 12 is better and so we host many football and motorsports parties.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that whether it be an 8 seat minibus or even a 16 seater, we frequently have a big enough fleet that we can accommodate last-minute requests.  

So if one of your group says, "Wait a minute, sure we don't have tickets to watch Manchester United whip A.C. Milan, but we don't have to watch the game on Jacks TV in his mother's basement when O'Reilly's pub is just a few miles away and full of big-screen TVs and lots of food and drink" feel free to call us. Chances are we can accommodate you in your minibus request.

 Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham is the largest minibus hiring service in Birmingham, and we can get your important group to and from the game safely and expeditiously. And what goes for 8 seat minibusses certainly applies to 12 seaters minibus hire with driver. When you hire us to take your crew to a sporting event we will drop your group off at the front grandstand, not a kilometer away to "hike" to the action. And sports fans should know that all stadium security teams give priority to groups whether they be on coaches or minibusses.