16 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham

16 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham


With a 16 seat minibus, we can accommodate just about any small group. We are often called upon for 16 seat minivans for small schools and for corporate events. the vans are big enough to accommodate a large group comfortably, but still intimate enough to feel the minibus experience. 

And it's equally true of our minibusses. Bigger does not necessarily mean more expensive. However, if luxury is in the cards for your group we have the luxury 16 passenger minibusses to fit your group's needs. Our Mercedes Sprinter 16 seater Executive Minibus is the right vehicle for you. The vehicle has leather interiors, air condition, tables, and some with Kitchenette facilities.

About Birmingham

There are all sorts of museums large and small, and if you want to see something really impressive visit Villa Park Football Stadium, home to the Aston Villa Football Club. Not only is the stadium extremely impressive but there are literally dozens of popular restaurants within a kilometer or so of the stadium. Don't forget the Library of Birmingham, one of the largest libraries in the entire world but has an amazing garden and atrium.  

In fact, there is so much do in Birmingham that the city attracts over 40 million visitors per year and spend more than 7 billion Euros per year doing so. Many of these visitors rely on Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham to give them a 5-star guided tour of the city, a tour which typically lasts two or three hours but could last over 10 hours or more and not begin to tap the complete whole of Birmingham. 

Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham is the place to call for your transportation needs whether you are part of those 40 million visitors or you have the need for prestige transportation for a wedding, bachelorette party, shopping spree, bachelor party, a trip to the theatre, or a ride to London to expand your sports venue options.  

Executive Minibus Hire with a driver

For executives, we have a Black and White 16 seater Minibus hire with a driver that offers extra legroom, climate control, and comfort including rear reclining seats. Naturally, all our executive 16 seaters come with WiFi as well, so busy execs can work on their laptops while on that long ride to the airport.  

Notice that we mentioned the words Mercedes several times and for good reason. Mercedes are our preferred vehicles as even the basic models provide the comfort and luxury our discriminating customers prefer.  

Whenever possible, we at Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham prefer to put all of our passengers in a Mercedes vehicle because the ride, handling, and comfort are so much better. And even though we replace almost all of our vehicles within a year, our dedicated maintenance staff finds Mercedes so much easier to maintain.

Quality Mercedes vehicles are just another reason why many of our clients elect to hire us again and again. When we surveyed our customers they said that a number of elements affected their choice of whom to go with for minibus hire.

The first was upfront pricing. Our customers know they have many choices of whom to hire, so upfront pricing is foremost on their minds.

In addition, customer service was high up on their list. With Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham our customers know we pay attention to every detail a customer will specify. For example, if there are elderly passengers or children on the trip the driver will know in advance and extend extra care to them. if a group has dinner reservations at 8 p.m., the driver knows how to time his arrival for 7.55.

 If people will be drinking alcohol between stops, the driver knows to be alert for that eventuality.

 And the communication goes both ways. For example, if a group is scheduled to arrive at 9 a.m. to get aboard a morning flight at Heathrow, the company will be sure and let the group know not only how long will the travel, including morning rush hour take, but they will be informed approximately how long it will take to check in their baggage, go through security and be ready for boarding in time. The driver is therefore much more than just a delivery driver. They are often the customer's lifeline to a great experience.

 In addition, high up on the list of customer expectations was simple and hassle-free service, 24/7 availability, a great selection of standard as well as luxury minibusses, and a network of experienced, polite, personable drivers. book your 16 seater minibus hire with us today.

Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham ticks off all of those boxes.