33 Seater Coach Hire Birmingham

33 Seater Coach Hire Birmingham

 When your group is larger than what is comfortable for a minibus, step into our Mercedes class 33 seat coach hire Birmingham is the perfect vehicle for luxury, corporate events. Complete with either a uniformed driver or a suited driver, your choice, the 33 seat coach provides a degree of luxury that corporate clients appreciate. Many large groups find this vehicle just the right size as it comfortably carries almost three dozen while at the same time not dwarfing the passengers inside.

 At Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham, we only hire drivers who love what they do. 

It's possible to hire just about any Tom, Dick, or Harry do drive a family to the airport, but for a travel destination such a day at the beach, a shopping tour at the Bullring, or a stag or hen party, you need a driver with a gift of gab and personality to make the event seem special. From stowing away your luggage to ensuring everyone gets in and out of the bus safely and with a hand, if they need it, our drivers are incredibly polite. Time and time again groups book a return trip and specify if possible, that Ralph or Becky be their driver again.  

We actually have two different types, a standard, and a luxury 33 passenger coach. The standard coach is perfect for school groups or senior citizens who will on the coach for less than an hour or so, while the luxury model is more suitable for corporate groups and executives who may be traveling for several hours or so, have luggage, and want to enjoy a luxurious ride. Obviously, the standard coach is cheaper. Meanwhile, the luxury coach is decked out with WiFi, and comfort control features and can even be decked out with televisions to play movies or stream corporate greetings. 

One thing that Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham would like to remind customers is that they can book by either clicking on a link on our website or alternatively to call us, we do prefer phone calls for booking. Let's say a group wants to go shopping at the Mailbox, one of Birmingham's most prestigious malls. They could choose any day of the week to go, but they choose a week from Tuesday. What they might not know is the Mailbox is notoriously slow on shopping on Wednesday such that they offer a 5 or 10 percent discount to all groups of 20 or more on Wednesday consulting with our friendly sales agent, the group just saved 5 percent on all of their shopping.

 At Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham we are familiar with many unadvertised specials on shopping, amusement parks, museums, dinner theatres, and even sports events and we can possibly save your group a lot of money by scheduling their events on a different day.

 In addition, we are familiar with the latest road conditions. If a tour on a group event is liable to encounter severe delays due to road construction we can inform them and come up with alternatives.  

These may seem like obvious steps to take when customers are booking a 33 seater coach hire Birmingham, but apparently, it's not obvious to everyone as many minibus and coach for hire companies would just take the money and stay silent. This additional level of customer service is another reason why many customers return to us again and again. Where others merely talk about customer service, Minibus Bus Hire Birmingham delivers.